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You're Who Watches Over SEPTA

Who keeps a watchful eye over hundreds of buses, subway cars, commuter rail trains and trolleys? Who keeps tabs on a service area of over 2,200 square miles? Who's there to protect and serve more than 750,000 passengers a day? The SEPTA Transit Police Department.

The SEPTA Transit Police Department was founded in 1981, when subway crime was on the rise. Since then the department has grown while the crime rate has dropped. In fact, serious crimes have dropped 91% since 1989. Today, the department is the fifth-largest in the state and is comprised of 248 sworn police officers whose primary responsibility is the protection of the millions of passengers who ride our subways each year.

The Faces of SEPTA Transit Police

A blend of uniformed and plainclothes patrols, bike officers, canine teams and criminal investigators have proven their value in controlling crime on the subway system. Our Transit Police Officers take great pride in providing the highest level of police service in a most unique environment.

Training to Be the Best

Prior to undergoing formal officer training, recruits are required to pass a reading exam, medical screening, physical agility test, polygraph and psychological exams.

Assuming recruits meet these qualifications, they will receive academy training at a program certified by the Municipal Police Officer's Education and Training Commission alongside their municipal counterparts. Upon completion of this training, they will attend in-service training and orientation. Officers will also attend an additional 40 hours of training annually to retain their certification.

Your Final Destination: SEPTA

Employees are provided with exceptional growth potential, competitive compensation and great benefits including: medical, dental, prescription, life insurance, pension, retirement plans, and free transportation on all SEPTA buses, trolleys and trains. Consider career opportunities with SEPTA today!