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RR Rail Maintainer 1st Class (1221)

Category:  Track Maintenance
City:  Philadelphia
Date:  May 21, 2022
Req ID:  1505


As an experienced rail maintainer, inspects, repairs, rehabilitates, aligns and installs track components using welding and grinding devices.  Maintains related equipment and tools.


  1. Utilizes appropriate welding processes to repair, rehabilitate and install various types of track components such as rail, switches, frogs, mates and various other trackwork components.
  2. Performs such functions as setting up of welding machines and accessories, making necessary connections, adjustment of welding machines, and selection of appropriate electrodes, set up and use of various grinding devices.
  3. Inspects & maintains special trackwork for PM compliance, reports results of inspections as directed, makes necessary repairs as practical, determines and advises on the safe train operation over marginally compliant and non-compliant areas. 
  4. Performs such track maintenance functions such as alignment of rail joints, tightening of loose joints, realigning and gauging of switches, respiking frogs, rebuilding heel blocks and replacing tie and rail fasteners.
  5. Uses and maintains tools, equipment and measuring devices such as electric, gas and propane welding machines, pneumatic, gasoline and electrical grinders, straight edges, electric generators, pre-heaters and torches; running maintenance shall include such functions as check and fill oil/coolant on gas welders, repair gas and electric welding leads as required.
  6. Performs cutting and drilling of rail to specified measurements, uses necessary equipment such as band saw or abrasive saw and rail drill.
  7. Performs the repair, renewal, construction and removal of track and special work; including ensuring the compliance of work with established standards
  8. Uses plans, drawings, sketches and templates to layout and ensure correctness of work.
  9. Must be qualified on the alignment beam and the procedures for the purpose of thermite welding.
  10. Directs the activities of employees of lower classification
  11. Accomplishes all pertinent reports and associated documentation and ensures their timely submittal.
  12. Pursue the requisition, and acquisition of all required materials, maintains material and tool inventory.
  13. Cleans and maintains work area, tools, equipment and storage facilities used. 
  14. Performs other duties as assigned Rehabilitates, repairs and assembles special trackwork such as switches, frogs, stock rails, switch points, compromise joint bars and all associated track appurtenances.
  15. Prepares and completes thermite welded rail joints using approved means and methods.
  16. Relines crucible and prepare molds for thermite welding.
  17. Straightens switch components, rails and various related track material by heating and bending.
  18. Determines the need for On-Track protection and secures the appropriate Form “W” as required.
  19. Must meet the minimum requirements of and be able to perform the duties of lower classifications.
  20. Complies with all Authority and departmental safety and security policies and procedures as well as all applicable job safety responsibilities. Reports any safety concerns, compromises or hazards affecting operations, the public, self and/or other employees. Responsible for personal safety and is encouraged to promote the safety of others.



  • High School diploma or GED required.
  • Must have a valid Driver's License with ability to obtain CDL Class B license within 30 days of hire.
  • Must satisfactorily complete written qualifications and performance tests as required.
  • Must be able to fabricate various types of components such as Rail, switches, frogs and all special work components. Must have the ability to set up and utilize all pertinent tools.
  • Consistent with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) respiratory protection standard, this position requires the use of a tight fitting respirator. SEPTA employees required to wear a tight fitting respirator must be clean-shaven and fit-tested.
  • For information regarding reasonable accommodations, please contact SEPTA's EEO/AA & Employee Relations Department at (215) 580-7315.


Nearest Major Market: Philadelphia