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Environmental Compliance/Safety Specialist (9070)

Category:  Manager/Supervisor/Administrator
Facility:  SEPTA Headquarters
City:  Philadelphia
Date:  Feb 27, 2023
Req ID:  4089

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is the sixth largest transportation system in the United States, with a vast network of fixed route services including bus, subway/elevated, trackless trolley, light rail, and commuter rail serving a 2,200 square mile service region.     

We are currently seeking a Environmental Compliance/Safety Specialist (9070) in the System Safety. 

SEPTA currently requires all new employees to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination at their pre-employment medical appointment.


Opening Date: 02/27/2023

Closing Date: 03/28/2023

Job Grade: SAM 40

Salary Range: Min: $76,492.00 - Mid: $95,602.00 - Max: $114,712.00 



The Environmental Safety Officer will be responsible for reviewing, assessing and successfully implementing a strategy to assure Authority compliance with the requirements of Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Resource Conservation and RecoveryAct (RCRA), the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) and Management System (EMS).

The Environmental Safety Officer work effort will be concentrated in three areas; (1) Soils Management, Phase I and II’s, Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks (UST’s and AST’s), (2) Air Permitting, Waste Management, and Storm Water Management (NPDES), (3) Environmental and Sustainability Management System, ISO 14001.

The Environmental Safety Officer should be experienced in each of these three areas and would be expected to perform functions in any of the three areas. However, the needs of the Division may warrant a job posting to require specific proficiency in one area more than another. The Chief Safety Officer, System Safety and/or the Department Director will make this determination based on the current needs of the Division and the Authority at the time of posting.


General Duties

  1. Conducts Project Management responsibilities for Environmental related projects. Work with SEPTA’s contracted environmental consultant to develop scopes of work, cost estimates and project oversight for a variety of environmental projects. Monitors the consultant’s activities and process progress invoices and track contract budgets.  Coordinates with internal departments for project phasing site access and work implementation.
  2. Reviews the requirements of applicable federal and state environmental regulations and evaluates the impact on the Authority. Advises senior management on methods to attain compliance with the regulations.
  3. Supervises Location Environmental Officers (LEOs) in each area of environmental compliances and in addressing environmental and sustainability issues.  Provides guidance, creates and maintain the weekly environmental site inspection checklist, as needed.
  4. Develops, implements and delivers effective environmental and sustainability training plans on all technical issues, as needed for SEPTA employees, in coordination with SEPTA’s Training Department, subject matter experts, and location or function.
  5. Assists the System Safety Division in conducting Environmental compliance audits and provides recommendations for Corrective Action.
  6. Serves as SEPTA’s internal consultant to provide guidance and advocacy to SEPTA’s project management staff in the area of environmental strategies, means and methods and regulatory compliance for all internal and third party construction activities.
  7. Serves as the system Safety Division liaison with the Location Safety Committees on issues relating to environmental compliance.
  8. Supervises the proper remediation and regulatory reporting of contaminated sites which are owned/operated by SEPTA.
  9. Provides the Director, Occupational Safety & Environmental Management and the Chief Safety Officer, System Safety with all necessary technical information to allow professional corporate decisions to be developed and implemented.


General Duties... (cont'd)

10. Reviews Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to ensure products requested to be tested purchased or used on property are safe.  Stipulates the required PPE and precautions required to product use.  Tracks reviews and approvals in the Division’s database.

11. Manages SEPTA’s emergency response contracts. Provides recommendations and regulator reporting in the event SEPTA has a spill/release of material.

12. Interfaces with Engineering, Maintenance and Construction (EM&C) and Operating Divisions to provide guidance on storm water management, erosion and sedimentation best management practices, soils management, and waste management.  Coordinated with SEPTA’s Environmental Consultant to provide services as needed.  

13. Supports the efforts of the various Safety Officers as needed.

14. Appropriately responds to environmental emergencies when needed on an “on call” basis outside of normal working hours.

15. Provides project design review support to include design drawing, specification reviews and specification development as needed to support SEPTA’s Capital Construction Program.

16. Promotes and enforces the Authority’s Safety Awareness & Environmental Protection Policy, System Management System, and Accident & Illness Prevention Program.

17. Serves as Acting Director when required.

18. Performs any other duties as assigned by the Chief Safety Officer, System Safety and/or Director, Operational Safety and/or Director, Accident Prevention & Investigation and/or Director, Occupational Safety & Environmental Management and/or Director, Construction Safety.

19. Administer SEPTA’s Testing and Environmental Services (TES) and laboratory contacts. Oversee the TES consultant when conducting Asbestos and Lead inspections or any other environmental sampling or inspection determine the presence for such suspect materials. Oversees Contractor’s performing abatement projects to ensure compliance and coordinate independent air monitoring and laboratory testing services using the TES consultant. Develops and reviews programs/procedures as needed and works with location management to ensure adherence to requirements and continual improvement.

20. Complies with all Authority and departmental safety and security policies and procedures as well as all applicable job safety responsibilities. Reports any safety concerns, compromises or hazards affecting operations, the public, self and/or other employees. Responsible for personal safety and is encouraged to promote the safety of others.


For those positions specializing in Soils Management, Phase I and II’s Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks (UST’s and AST’s) responsibilities also include:

  1. Oversees the aspects of the Underground Aboveground Storage Tank Regulations inclusive of tank removal, hydro-geological site characterization assessments, soil and groundwater remediation requirements, tank closure reports, and construction activities involving the installation of new tanks or modification of tank systems.
  2. Develops and maintains an accurate tank inventory list and work with facility managers to ensure inspections are conducted to ensure regulatory compliance.
  3. Interfaces with Real Estate, Operating Divisions, Operations Planning, and Legal in the acquisition of real estate for the Authority.  Coordinates with SEPTA’s Environmental Consultant to conduct Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.  Supervises Contractors during extensive Phase II investigative work.  Reviews Phase I and II reports for determining if a property is environmentally acceptable for purchase.
  4. Maintains compliance with SARA Title II and Tier II forms for each location.  Completes the annual Hazardous Substance Survey forms and sends to each location.
  5. Interfaces with Engineering, Maintenance and Construction (EM&C) and Operating Divisions to provide guidance on proper management of soils.  Coordinates with SEPTA’s Environmental Consultant to provide services as needed.


For those positions specializing in air Permitting, Waste Management, and Storm Water Management (NPDES) responsibilities also include:

  1. Ensures compliance with the city of Philadelphia Air Management Services Air emission sources at various maintenance shops/SEPTA facilities..
  2. Ensures compliance with NPDES and manage SEPTA’s storm water inspection/sampling scheduling and all regulatory permitting and reporting. 
  3. Manages SEPTA’s waste management and environmental laboratory contracts to include all tracking and invoicing.


For those positions specializing in Environmental Management System, responsibilities also include:

  1. Responsible for the planning, development and implementation of SEPTA’s Environmental & Sustainability Management System (ESMS) Program.  Manages the process to establish, implement, and maintain continual improvement of SEPTA’s ESMS.
  2. Revises and updates the elements of SEPTA’s ESMS, as needed, including any Operational Controls, SOP’s and Work Instructions needed to address SEPTA’s ESMS objectives, targets and action plans.
  3. Works with responsible parties of the ESMS to assist in the implementation of their role in the ESMS.
  4. Conducts regular meetings of the ESMS Oversight Team and generates a record of each meeting with minutes.
  5. Collaborates with the Corporate Communications Department to develop an internal and external communication strategy that supports the requirements of the ESMS program.
  6. Establishes, implements and maintains all records and documents pursuant to the ESMS and ISO 14001 requirements and helps to maintain to input information into SEPTA’s Environmental information System (EIS) to manage all records and documents.
  7. Works with the SEPTA’s Office of Innovation to support various sustainability driven initiatives.
  8. Participates in Site Inspections and Audits to effectively monitor and measure SEPTA’s progress in implementing the ESMS among other environmental initiatives.
  9. Participates in program reviews with Senior Management to communicate ESMS progress, incidences of non-conformance and opportunities for continual improvement.
  10. Plans and participates in internal and external inspections and audits to effectively measure ESMS performance at frequency specified in ESMS procedures helps to develop appropriate corrective actions and tracks them to closure.
  11. Works with frontline personnel and subject matter experts to establish all elements of the ESMS required by the ISO 14001 standard including significant environmental aspects, environmental objectives, compliance obligations and work instructions.  Maintains and updated all related procedures, documents and records as needed.


This position will serve as an “On Call” capacity, which includes nights and weekends in conjunction with peer Safety Officers.  While on call the position will perform the following duties:  

  1. Investigates significant accidents and injuries with the cooperation of labor and management.  Uses specialized equipment and knowledge to reconstruct and analyze accidents another occurrences.  Prepares final reports and makes recommendations where required.
  2. Analyzes equipment conditions and vehicle response; evaluates human factors and fatigue related issues and its relativity to crash avoidance.
  3. Provides Director, Accident Prevention and Investigation and/or the Chief Safety Officer, System Safety with 24 hour synopsis of investigated accidents or incidents.
  4. Documents evidence and generates chain of custody as required by department procedures.
  5. Develops, updates and assesses SEPTA’s Accident/Incident Investigation Program.  Provides training to managers and conducts periodic audits to ensure compliance. 
  6. Audits other departments; accident and injury reports to assure adequacy of investigation and action taken to prevent recurrence.  Prepares trend analysis and other special reports based on these accidents.  Assures that proposed remedial action is implements and is effective.
  7. Reviews accident and incident statistics to identify trends and develops program with the various departments to reduce if not eliminate accidents and incidents.
  8. Interfaces and coordinates with various Authorities having jurisdiction including, but not limited to, Federal Transit Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, National Transportation Safety Board, Pennsylvania State Police and Public Utilities Commission with regard to Authority accidents and incidents.


  • B.S. Degree in related health, safety, engineering or environmental disciplines and a minimum of five (5) to seven (7) years experience in the environmental field required.
  • Strong knowledge of the PADEP and EPA environmental regulations required. 
  • Must have proven contract and budget management skills, and demonstrated ability in preparing Requests for Proposal, cost estimation, and budget forecasting. 
  • Must demonstrate the ability to pursue/perform multiple tasks simultaneously. 
  • Must be able to review and analyze environmental data and participate in the development of Action Plans to resolve complex environmental issues.
  • Must have strong technical writing and clear communication skills.
  • Must have a strong understanding of union and management environment and demonstrate the ability to properly and appropriately address environmental matters directly to union employees as assigned by the Director, Occupational Safety and Environmental Management.  
  • Must be able to satisfy rigorous and demanding work schedules, which include nontraditional working hours, and short term deadlines.
  • Must have valid driver’s license.
  • Experience in Public Transportation Operations preferred.
  • Must have PC experience with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Additional experience preferred.
  • Experience with large capital construction projects preferred.
  • Familiarity with OSHA, and Philadelphia Air Management Services and Licenses and Inspections regulations preferred.

SEPTA is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.             

Nearest Major Market: Philadelphia