Frequently Asked Questions - Required Documents

Each job posting lists the documents required for a complete and reviewable application. Please make sure you are providing all of the documents required.


Is a Resume Required?  Yes, a resume is required to be electronically uploaded into your Profile. If your resume needs to be changed for a new job type, upload the new resume into the application and that will replace what is pulled from your Profile.

  • The best format for your resume is a Word or PDF document. Avoid documents with tables or complex formatting.
  • Make sure the correct and most current resume is attached to your application (the resume initially pulls from your Profile).
  • Upload your resume to your Profile before updating any information in your education or employment history.


Is a Cover Letter Required?  Document requirements are listed in the job posting. If a cover letter is not listed it is not required, however, a cover letter helps explain how you are a fit for the position if you have a complex resume or CV.

  • Cover letters can be addressed to "Hiring Manager" or "To Whom It May Concern"
  • Check your uploaded documents before submitting your application to make sure the proper documents are attached.

How do I attach other documents such as references or portfolios? In the application there is a separate section for Additional Documents. You may use this space to upload references, recommendation letters, position statements, etc.

What kind of document can be attached to my application? Accepted file types for upload include Word (Doc), PowerPoint (PPT), Excel (XLS), PDF, HTML, CSV, image and text. Other file types, including media files such as .wav, .mov, .api or .mp3, etc., are not supported. Additionally you cannot attached protected or secured PDFs.

Can I just bring in/mail/email/fax you my resume?  Unfortunately, No. A resume or CV is a great way to showcase your work history, however we still must have you complete an application which is a legal document indicating your interested in a job with SEPTA. The online ‘electronic’ application takes the place of a paper application and helps us meet our initiative to be green.

  • The application needs to include your previous employment history including dates of employment for verification - your resume may not have this information.


If I upload my resume do I have to complete the application?  Yes. The application is a legal document expressing your interest in employment with SEPTA and you attest to the accuracy of what is in your application. It should reflect all of your job history, including employment dates and former employers, and should accurately reflect your skills and experience. An attached resume or CV may be needed per the job posting, but does not substitute for a complete and accurate application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

How do I update my resume or other documents?  As long as your application is not yet under review you can change your application or attached documents. Log into your Profile and first check the status of your application by choosing "Job Management". If you application status is "We have received your application" you can make changes to the document. If it has moved to "We are currently reviewing all applications" then your application is under review and you are no longer able to make any changes.