Frequently Asked Questions - Job Postings / Advertisements

Each job posting lists the documents required for a complete and reviewable application. Please make sure you are providing all of the documents required.


I see a job on the Internet, but it's not on the SEPTA Career Site - is it still open?  There are many websites that pick up our job openings and share with their subscribers. We do not have any influence as to when these positions are shared or removed from such sites. The only way to know if a job is still available is to check our career site at and search using the name or requisition number of the position. If the job is not listed on the career site it is no longer accepting applications. 

How long are positions posted?  All positions are posted online for a minimum of five (5) business days and may be removed at the department's discretion. An older job posting may move to the top of the list after some time - this does not mean it is a new posting, it is just a refreshed posting.

Can I apply to a closed position?  No, once a posting is not longer listed on our website it is not accepting new applicants.

What is a evergreen posting?  A position is listed as a 'Evergreen' when more than one position is available and a pool of available candidates needs to be accessed on a regular basis for a limited amount of time.  A 'Evergreen pool' is opened to allow applicants for these positions and they are filled as needed.